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Finding Clients | Energetics and all things woo woo with Sarah Lambert

January 08, 2023 Jordan Schanda King / Sarah Lambert Episode 30
Easy Scaling with Jordan Schanda King
Finding Clients | Energetics and all things woo woo with Sarah Lambert
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This episode is part of our mini-series all about finding clients. Tune in as we discuss all the ways to find clients in the online space and get real about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll hear practical strategies and transparent conversations about where clients really come from so that you can hopefully find more clients and just feel normal about where you’re at now.

In this episode, we’re talking with Sarah Lambert. Sarah is the founder and head business coach at The Rosewood Agency, a course creation agency that helps 6-figure entrepreneurs create passive income. She scaled her business from a 30k side hustle to a 400k agency in just 4 years while raising two babies, and is passionate about building online businesses in an aligned and scalable way.

Topics discussed:

  • Being open to clients coming from anywhere
  • Surrendering and relinquishing control
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies
  • Trusting in the process and looking for evidence
  • Not getting sucked into needing validation
  • Actions you can take to shift your energy
  • Detaching from the results or the specifics
  • The difference between detaching and not caring
  • Needy and greedy energy
  • Energetics of saying NO to clients who aren’t a good fit
  • You are constantly being tested
  • Building a strong brand and product suite
  • Being authentic and natural in your content
  • Taking aligned action and then being open to what happens
  • You don’t have to be woo woo to believe that your energy matters

Top tip or advice for finding clients:

  • Masculine Tips
    • Speak to the clients you want to attract not the ones you think are there
    • Build a brand
    • Establish yourself as an authority and freaking claim it
  • Feminine / Woo Tips
    • Lean back and let the universe do its thing and bring you your people
    • Take aligned actions even when they don't make sense

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Finding Clients | Energetics and all things woo woo with Sarah Lambert

Jordan: Hello. Hello. Welcome to our miniseries all about finding clients. This is a fun one. There are so many ways to find clients in the online business space, and what we're gonna do in this series is. tell stories, share tips, dive into practical and tactical strategies for finding clients, what works, what doesn't work, and really take a transparent, open approach to talking about where clients are really coming from, so that hopefully you can apply some of this to, to your own business and also so that you can just feel normal , because there is no one way to do it.

So I hope you enjoy this series.

All righty. In this episode, we are chatting with Sarah Lambert. Sarah is the founder and head business coach at the Rosewood Agency, a course creation agency that helps six figure entrepreneurs create passive income. She's also one of our amazing clients. We work with her on the COO and team side of our agency.

So we get to be deep into her business and see all of the amazing things that she's doing, which is a lot. She scaled her business from a 30 K side hustle to a 400 K agency in just four years while raising two babies. And she's passionate about building online businesses in an aligned and scalable way.

So Sarah and I. Do things a little bit differently in this episode. we're not talking as much about the tactical, practical in the weed strategy for finding clients. We are talking about the woo energetic side of finding clients, which is super important. And Sarah is great at talking about this, and you all know that I like to dabble, but, don't always have the words to describe, describe things on this side, of running a business and so.

Super fun for me. I hope you get a ton out of this. We do get into some practical, tactical things on the more masculine side, which I love. but I really hope you enjoy this conversation.

 Welcome. Welcome everyone. Welcome Sarah to the podcast. 

Sarah: Thank you for having me. 

Jordan: Of course. This is gonna be great. So we're gonna talk about finding clients and we're gonna just like dive right in because you are about to say something and I had to pause you because I knew it was gonna be gold.

No pressure. It doesn't have to be gold. , 

Sarah: it's gold. No, it's, you know, just around the conversation. Of finding clients. I think one of the most important things is being energetically open to receiving clients and calling them in and believing that they can come from absolutely anywhere. And I was journaling this morning about this and how oftentimes I am only thinking about people who've worked with me before or who are in my.

Awareness and I started journaling and reflecting on all of the times that people have come into my world who I didn't even know existed, who they didn't even know I existed. And suddenly we are in a container together. And this one in in particular, I received a message from her and she's like, blue, check mark.

Type client, like she's got the blue check mark reaching out to ask me about my services and she doesn't follow me. I don't follow her. And she signed on to work with me and it was a over $30,000 client over a few months. And she, even when we were talking about how did we even find each other, she didn't even.

So I think it's so great to have the things that we do that we know work. And then also, I always say leaving room for magic, leaving room for the universe to do its thing and being open to that and trusting that that will 

Jordan: happen. I freaking love this. And obviously we're going down the W path, which.

Knew we were gonna do. Yes. and I love to dabble in . , 

Sarah: you're slowly, the resistance is there, but you're slowly opening up. 

Jordan: I am. I am. I, I love living in my comfy woo NW place. Mm-hmm. , because, because I can, I can touch both sides and it's just, it's very comfortable here. . Which is maybe a good thing, maybe a bad thing, I don't know.

But, but I think that a lot of, 

Sarah: lot of people, I think a lot of people are where you are, they don't realize that what they believe in or what they're doing is woo. 

Jordan: Yeah. So, or even what they're seeing, because sometimes it's like, hmm, that doesn't like mesh necessarily with like the logical side of my brain.

Mm-hmm. , I don't know how to reconcile that. . 

Sarah: Absolutely. And it is so much more comfortable to think about the things that we can control mm-hmm. and when it's something that we have to just surrender to, like, I'm surrendering to where my next client comes from and I'm just gonna trust that's a lot harder to do than saying I'm going to run a webinar and have this sales sequence.

And, and those things are all really important. . Yeah. And that's why I talk a lot about balancing both the masculine and the feminine energy, the woo and the strategy. I think both are really, really important. And for sure when you combine the two is when things get really, really 

Jordan: good. Yeah. I I love that you, you made that clarification and the distinction that like, both are important.

They are different, but they're both important. And what's funny is what came to my mind when you were talking. You know, leaning into it is, for me, it's been easier to lean into like more of the energetic, I don't understand this world side of things when I have evidence for it, which may sound kind of counterintuitive, but for me it makes sense that way.

So even as you're talking about, getting clients that you don't know and you didn't expect and they kind of just message you out of the blue, or you start to work with them and you're like, oh my gosh, they just. Googled me or you know, like something that you wouldn't even have been thinking about trying to put time and energy and effort behind.

It's different when you're like, well, these clients are finding me and they don't know me, but I'm running Ads is different than someone just happens upon you and wants to work with you. And both are important, like you're saying. But the more that those kind of. Random things happen, or where I feel like clients are just coming to me.

The more that that happens, the more that I trust in it, you know? Mm-hmm. , it's like having the evidence to not need like everything figured out. 

Sarah: Absolutely, and I think that that's how most people are, is that it's a lot easier to believe something once you have the evidence, and this is actually the part that holds people back, is because they're waiting for the evidence.

Once I, once I see that someone can come out of the blue into my world, then I'll believe it. Mm-hmm. . But because they're waiting and they're not first believing, it's never going to actually be in alignment. 

Jordan: Yeah. Oh, that's so interesting. The reason this is interesting is because, I don't, like I hear you.

And then at the same time I'm like, okay, but how do you do that ? Yeah. And I think I actually kind of lucked into this in that my first two clients, most people know this. My first two clients came to me like within 24 hours of each other, like very quickly. Like they both kind of like heard of me. Within like a week or two weeks, and they both signed within 24 hours.

Mm-hmm. . And that is what started this business. One of them was a friend, one of them was someone totally random who I didn't know. I saw a Facebook post, I commented and then she started working with me and I was like kind of mind blown. . And that is really what I think was like gasoline onto the fire of me feeling like I'm very aligned with this business.

And then to get two clients that fast, one of which I didn't know, felt like almost like divine intervention. Like this is your sign that you have to do this. And so I had evidence right off the bat and so that's why I'm kind of like, but what about for people who don't have that? Like I just feel really fortunate that I had that.

So, , what can people do when they don't have that right off the bat? 

Sarah: Yeah. If, if someone does, has never booked a client before and they are waiting for that person to fall into their lap. Absolutely. You want to be thinking about all the times in your life that unexpected things have happened, so it doesn't have to be believing in.

a client, a 30,000 client or a 10,000 client, or a huge client dropping into your lap and booking in 24 hours or whatever that might be. It's being open to magic. It's being open to, and being aligned to things beyond what we can see. Mm-hmm. and. When, and this is sometimes my clients, they'll say, okay, so I'm launching this program and here's a list of the people that I think would be really good fits.

And I'm like, that's awesome. Perfect. Now I want you to just kind of like crumple that up and throw it away . And I want you to think I, I want you to Yes. Have those people in your intention and open yourself up to more because when we are so laser focus. On, these are the 10 people who are gonna come into my program and it's gonna be perfect.

And suddenly you are getting nos from those people. Your confidence crashes because you're like, well, if this person is a no, who else? Because they're the perfect person and I know that they need that. and we let that really mess with our energy and, and detaching from results is so important. We need to be able to have intention and be taking aligned action, but not be holding on and needing a certain result.

To have the confidence, to have the energy, to have the aligned act to, to be able to take those aligned actions, it can, it can be very dangerous to be almost too. . Too strategic. Too focused. 

Jordan: Yes. Okay. Let's, let's dive more into this because. I think everyone, like we all know, we all get it. We all know this side of things, right? We can feel it. We've seen it, we've heard about it. But let's, let's dive in a little bit deeper into like a specific example. I, I can't think of one right now, but I'll, I'm gonna, I'm gonna keep working on it and Yeah, like.

You start, you give us an example For 

Sarah: sure. Yeah, I'll, I'll never forget a few years ago I was launching a mastermind and I had a list. I had a list of people. I had actually finished a mastermind and was going into the next one and I had the people that were in that mastermind who I there. It was a small number cuz it was earlier on.

And I was like, they're all gonna resign and then here are four more people who I think would be perfect and I'm gonna reach out to them and it's gonna. I think one or two people from the Mastermind, so 50% they signed back on and the people who I had thought would be perfect fits were all saying, no, this, that's not the right container.

Maybe some of them joined one-on-one, so it wasn't, it was great that way. , but I was like, this container needs to be bigger for it to be able to work. Should I just scrap it? Am I not meant to have a mastermind? I started questioning everything, and of course, when you get into that energy, you are not going to be attracting the right people.

And so what I did was I said, no, this is. a container that I love and I am committed to, and I decided, I just chose and I decided, yes, this launch is a go. And I shifted the energy and people say all the time, well, how did you shift the energy? And that's gonna be different for everyone. For me, a lot of times that looks like going for almost like an angry run.

And I'll just go and I'll run and I'll just be letting it all go. And I actually, for me, I, I picture myself running away from what I'm leaving behind. I'm just running away from it. And then I'll have a shower, I'll put on clothes that make me feel good. I'll do my makeup, and I just chew. I decide, and that shifts it.

And then I show up and I take the aligned actions. And when I take the actions from that place, I am so much more magnetic. And so much more aligned to the people that I'm calling in, rather than when I'm in a energy of waiting for someone else's action to dictate how I feel. Mm-hmm. , if someone signs up, then I know it's a go.

No, that's not the energy that we're in. Mm-hmm. . Yeah, it's, we decide and that energy is what attracts and continues to validate the confidence that we already 

Jordan: have. Yeah. I, I love this and I, I do think, I think I've never heard of an angry run. I love that and I'm definitely not gonna do that. I hate to run, but, , I'm probably gonna have a glass of wine and rant a little bit and, and get deep in my feels, and then I'm gonna be like, okay, we're done with that.

That's all bullshit. We're leaving that , we're leaving that at the door. Now what 

Sarah: are we gonna gonna do? A cry? Yeah. A good And what are you, A workout, a dance. Sh like just shaking your body. I, I feel like. Some kind of movement or release. You know, cry crying is a release movement you're releasing. And so, but truly it is deciding.

It is deciding and it's, it's, so, it's going to be individual for so many people. There are times where it's as simple as washing your hands or having a shower and just deciding to change your 

Jordan: energy. You know, it's interesting that you say crying too, because I'm definitely a crier. I cry all the time. good.

But. Sometimes I have like real good cries, like when I'm deep in the lows, you know? And actually that's, that's interesting because I've talked about this on the podcast before that like when you really have like one of these big deep breakdowns, which to me usually means like totally out of control, sobbing, and you, you're, you totally just almost like accept defeat and then you're just like over It is kind of how it, I experienced that.

Then there's the breakthrough, like we had mm-hmm. a whole episode about like the breakthrough after the breakdown. Yeah. But it's interesting, so maybe it is kind of like tied to that energetic release of the. The , the sobbing. Well, 

Sarah: it's almost it. I, I mentioned before the importance of not being too attach to our results or attached to a, something specific.

And I think that it's hard for people to detach. It's hard for people to surrender, but almost grieving and crying and releasing that forces you to shift. You're almost like, you know what? I throw in the towel, I am mourning this, this sucks moving on. And then anything that comes after that is just a pleasant surprise because you didn't, it's the expectation that creates this disappointment that makes us have these big breakdowns.

But if we don't have, and, and I don't, I don't wanna say like you, you don't have expectations. Cause I think that that's unrealistic. but less about expectations and more about desires. . So I had a mentor who used to say, one foot in desire, sorry, one foot in gratitude, another in desire. And so you're anchoring into that gratitude for what you have.

so that you're not in that lack energy, and then you are taking a step forward to what you want. So you're allowed to want things, you're allowed to desire more, but you also have to be grateful for what you have. So you're not only in this need, need, need energy. Mm-hmm. , nobody wants to come work for someone who's just wanting the next client.

Wanting the next payment. 

Jordan: Yeah. Yeah. I. I like this part about detachment, and I wanna talk more about this because I don't think I've fully wrapped my head around how to do this because I think I'm always kind of attached, like I'm, I'm bought in, you know? and it, it's kind of, it's definitely something that I practice because I can feel it and I know that other people can feel it for sure if I'm like too attached and I almost have to like fully let it go.

Like convince myself, like I don't give two shits if this person signs up. Mm-hmm. . And I have to kind of like tell myself that over and over again. Like, I don't care. I don't care. I'm actually not gonna follow up with them. And even though we gotta balance that because follow up is important, right? , and I've had people, right?

I've had clients like, thank me for following up and then sign on. So you don't wanna, like, you don't wanna detach too much to where you're almost like sabotaging your success. So how do you thread that needle? 

Sarah: Yeah, I think that of course you have to still be invested in your business and it's less about detachment isn't not caring, right?

So I don't want it to come across as like, oh, I don't even care about that per I don't. How I see it is one of the things that is really important for me and my business is to just lead with love and always be in service. So for me, I only follow up when it feels. aligned when it feels like I wanna check in with this person because I know that that's actually of service to them.

Mm-hmm. , when I'm operating from a place of service, I'm not attached when, so I, I have that detached energy where I'm truly just wanting what's best for them and reaching out in service for. when I reach out in an attached way because it's something that I really want and I really need. That's a totally different energy.

And the person, whether they realize it or not, they feel that. Yeah. And so I ask myself, there's the, the lens that you can have is just. Am I doing this because this is what's best for me or what's best for my ideal client, this prospect. And if you're operating, because it's this need energy of like, I want this client to sign on because I have to hit my quota and I just need one more person.

And that's not the energy to be in, but it it, and that's, that's attached to this person is going to be the one who has you hit your. But if you can detach and say, well, if it's not them, then it's gonna be someone else. And there's another, you know, say, I don't know who first said it, but this or something better.

We say this all the time, my clients and I, it's like, okay, yes, this or something better. Because we don't know what's best for us. We think we do, we, we wanna believe we do, but the truth is we don't know what's best for 

Jordan: us. Yeah. This, this takes me to something that we've talked about some around. taking kind of that scary action, even if it almost like looks on paper, like it's gonna be a bad thing.

so I think about telling potential clients, no. Like that's something that I think people have a really hard time doing. and we can, I don't wanna go down the rabbit hole of like, what happens when you do tell someone Yes. Who actually isn't a good fit, and you should have told them no, because we've talked about parting ways with clients.

Jordan: We're gonna have a series on that in the future and all of that, but mm-hmm. , the act as it relates to actually finding clients, in my opinion, it's a, it's a big. , it's a big action and opens up a lot of possibilities to tell the wrong people. No, and and that's because it frees up energy for the right people.

And this happens all the time for, for us, because I'll have people cut. Just this week I had someone apply to our mastermind. And I read her application and I was like, wow, she sounds great. She's not a good fit. , she's not a good fit. Mm-hmm. like she had a product-based business and it was in an industry that I haven't really worked with anybody in.

And I was like, no. Like I would be doing her a disservice. Yep. If I accepted her into our program because there's so much about her industry that I just don't understand and I'm not gonna be able to. I'll be able to help her, but I'm not gonna be able to help her. Like somebody else who's really qualified and is in that niche is gonna be able to really help her, you know?

And so then I started asking around, I'm gonna send her to somebody else. And like, that's kind of a scary thing to tell someone no, who has applied to your program? Because it's like, am I saying no to all of that money? But I'm, but energetically, that is opening up a ton of new people to come into the program.

Sarah: I love that. And I think there's a few different things that I'll say. I think the first is that it is so in integrity and that alone up levels, you just, you know you, you trust yourself so much to be able to say no to a client that's not aligned. I think that is really, really powerful. And sometimes the universe will test.

and I say the universe, but for some people it's, you know, gone. Sometimes whoever daily daily, the universe tests us. And so if you say yes to something that's not aligned, you are sh basically shouting from the rooftops that you are available for something you don't actually want. And if you say no, then you're saying no, that is not what I desire.

What I want is, and then you're, you're calling in the type of people that you want. 

Jordan: I freaking love that. I, I, I talk about this concept of testing, not on the podcast. I should probably talk about it more, but I feel like I am tested over and over and over again when it comes to stuff like this. And it, it always is in kind of one of those seasons where, I don't wanna say desperate, but like you are maybe a little bit more focused on like the numbers or like, oh, I said I was gonna do this and I wanna hit this goal, so I gotta like figure out how I'm gonna get there.

And it's like test after test after test. And it is tough. That is tough. And, and if you, if you fail the test, I feel like it sets me back in my business. Well 

Sarah: it not only will it set you back, but you will continue to be tested on that exact thing until you pass the test. So if you don't learn the 

Jordan: lesson first time and every once a while there's a pop quiz, , 

Sarah: exactly, and then you're just put through the ringer.

But I think this is actually why people, ve, or, or a lot of people who start down this path don't last is because it does bring up a lot and it requires you to grow more than you realize. . 

Jordan: Yeah. And what's messed up is like the test always comes. It's like wrapped in such a beautiful, shiny package with this gorgeous bow every time because that's what makes it a test.

and. . This happened not that long ago when, when I said, and I feel like it always happens this way too, it's when I make a declaration, not just to myself, but usually to other people, whether it's like my team or my husband or like somebody, I'm like, we're not gonna take any more of these types of clients.

Jordan: And then literally within like 48 hours, usually sooner, sometimes. , I will be presented like this beautiful package of a client. It's like, I wanna pay you prove it $4,500 a month. And I'm like, no, I'm sorry. No. 

Sarah: Yeah, no. It's literally the universe being like, put your money where your mouth is. 

Jordan: Yeah. , it sucks.

It really sucks. But this is, it's seriously so important because, and again, we've talked about this a million times. I'm gonna stop saying that, but like when you say yes to that stuff, it causes, it reeks all kind of. kinds of havoc. Mm-hmm. down the line, you know? Yeah. Okay, let's, let's bring it, let's bring it back to finding clients, cuz I know you've got some really good tips, like tangible tips both on the masculine and the feminine side.

And I think this was all really important for us to talk through this, this more woo, energetic mm-hmm. important feminine stuff. And I don't know if you have any other tips like specifically on that side, but I also want to hear some of these like more masculine, which, you know, I love masculine tips too on the strategy.

Sarah: Yeah. I think we've covered a lot of ground with the woo feminine side of it. And then when it comes to the masculine, and I would say that all of this goes hand in hand that there's a balance of both, and it's finding that perfect balance when things work really well. But one thing that I will, I notice a lot of my clients doing and a lot of people doing online, and I've also been guilty of doing this.

is speaking to or creating for people who are there rather than for the people I want to call in and attract. Yeah, and when your business has evolved really quickly, that is an issue because you. Your external evolves, maybe your prices or your offers, yet your community and your social and your content is staying small where you were, and so it's making sure that you are not, again, not too focused on who's watching and who's DMing and who's liking and commenting and focusing.

that ideal client, you might not know who they are, but you know what they're like and what they need and speaking to them, because then you're gonna attract those people to you. 

Jordan: Yeah. So this is interesting and ties back to a point that we made earlier about, you know, this client that I said no to, to be in the Mastermind because she, I just didn't feel like I was gonna be able to help her.

What's interesting is that I think there's a flip side to. in that you don't necessarily want to close yourself off to, to working with people that you maybe didn't have in mind originally. So I just had someone message me last week, we're gonna have a call, next month to see if it's a good fit because she's not a standard client that I typically work with.

And she gave me the rundown of where she's at in her business. And I was like, I was like very excited when I read her email, I was like, holy moly, I never would've thought about working with someone like that, but wow. Does that sound cool? And I. trans. That's like pretty much what I said in my email response to her was like, I got really excited when I read this email.

I never would've like really thought about working with someone who's in this situation. Like, let's get on a call and talk about it because I don't know, like, I don't know exactly what you need. Let's, let's figure it out. And so being open to those types of things too, that even if somebody's not on paper, like exactly who you would normally work with, that doesn't always mean that it's not aligned and you need to like say, 

Sarah: Absolutely.

And I, I mean, not to go back to the Woo, but I think that that's also just trusting the way that things unfold for us. And even though it's not in our, the plan that we see there is a greater plan for us. And that happened to me recently, where within days I had two men book discovery calls. And I've never Interesting, other than my husband hiring me to do things, I've never, I don't speak to men in my content.

I. . I have never worked with another man, and so it was so interesting and also very expansive because I got to sit in my fears around it. Mm-hmm. , I had the conversations with my coach around, all right, do I show up differently? How, how do I navigate this call with a man? All of these different fears and blocks came up.

Simple encounter and it just allowed me to grow further and deepen my own self-trust and leadership and, and just trust that, okay, if this feels okay, if this feels good to me, then I'm not going to say no to it just because of 

Jordan: gender. Mm-hmm. . Yeah, for sure. For sure. Okay. What. , what other tips? 

Sarah: Yeah, I think another one is focusing on building a brand and with that a product suite.

So when you, when you build a strong brand and how to do that, I mean, we could go on and on. There could be a whole, you know, series about building a brand, but basically what that means to simplify it is, . Having people really un know what you're about and feel connected to you, and so they're connect, whatever they're connected to, it might be.

For me, I share a lot about my journey building my business while having two young kids, and so a lot of mom entrepreneurs are attracted to me because it's part of my brand. They feel connected to me and that has become my. . And so my business has evolved a lot over the last three years. I started out as a photographer.

I was doing photography four years ago, and then I had a photography course and then I started co mentoring photographers and then I started mentoring other business owners and it ha has evolved very organically. But the shocking thing is that. My brand has always been very authentic, very transparent, very family oriented and me oriented.

It's just been me being real and being honest and sharing my journey. The people who hired me to be a photographer for them four years ago, some of them are joining my highest level programs now. You have no idea. Yeah, you just have no idea. how full circle things can happen. You know, I have people reaching out that I went to university with hiring me, joining programs, but if you build a really strong brand, people wanna work with you.

Whatever you're doing, it doesn't matter what you're doing. When I was a photographer, they wanna work with me when, now that I'm a business coach, they still wanna work with me. And I think that is really 

Jordan: special. Hmm. It so is, and I've been thinking a lot about this lately because. . I think the more that you lean into this and like kind of accept that, that's a big part of being successful online, especially these days.

It just gets so much easier. And, and it's interesting because it's actually the easier way, it's the easier way to show up on online. It's more natural is just to build your personal brand and to be really authentic. And I just posted something actually on Instagram last night that I've. I, I mean it's, I just posted it on a story and it was just a random kind of thought that I had, and it has been by far my, like most viewed and interacted with and shared story that I've maybe ever posted, ever.

And my mentor actually sent me a message. She was like, oh my gosh, I love this content. And I was like, well, thank you. Because it was literally just a thought, like I've just been trying. , I, I call it like stream of consciousness post is, is almost like what it is. It's like whatever is kind of on my mind in the day in the moment I post it and it resonates so much more.

Yeah, with my audience because it's like it's real and it's like raw, which is like what I'm all about, you know? . 

Sarah: Absolutely. And I think that a lot of people try so hard to emulate what they see others doing and what they feel like they should do, and all of a sudden what they actually wanna say has been so diluted or try to fit into a box that it doesn't fit into and the content doesn't land.

I actually really love posting content. W as it comes rather than planning. Mm-hmm. , and this can get me in trouble sometimes because there are weeks where I don't feel like, I think that in business it's very important to all be showing up and doing things even when you don't feel like it. But with content, if I don't feel really aligned to what I'm sharing or what I'm saying, it falls flat anyways.

But when I have a thought and, and I share that, that speaks to. the people that it's supposed to speak to so much more than if I sit down and try and create the perfect, most strategic post. 

Jordan: Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I, . I did a super long post, series of stories over Thanksgiving because, and I felt bad. I was like, I, told my husband, I'm like, I'm sorry.

You're just gonna have to let me sit here and type this out because I have to get it out. Like I cannot get it off of my brain. I have to get it out. And I don't always feel like that with content, but when I do, I'm like, well, I have to lean into that because these are like few and far between moments for me when it comes to like, Fired to actually write content.

And I think people can just really get in their heads about that and feel like, oh, well I'm on this schedule. Or Oh, you know, like I have to put makeup on because I have to do it as a video, or I have to, like, whatever. There's a million things that you can tell yourself you have to do around getting some of this content out that's more authentic to you.

And it's essentially all bullshit, so. Mm-hmm. . I think once we can really just like, accept. , all we actually have to do is just say the things that we're worth thinking and that are like resonating with us and that we're seen in the world. And that's, that is like your personal brand in, in this space.

It's not necessarily true for every industry. Right. But I, I think for the industry that we are in and the people that we work with, like that's a much easier way to show up authentically and build your personal brand and create your. . 

Sarah: Yeah. And, and then when you layer that with the first thing I mentioned of speaking to the people you wanna speak to, those two things go really well together.

Because I know for me, there have been times where I've been going through my own journey, but I'm, I'm, I'm ignoring that and I'm not sharing that to call people forward to that and instead of trying to share based on where I think they are, but when we can share and speak to where we're at, we actually attract the people who wanna come with.

Mm-hmm. . Does that make sense? Mm-hmm. . And so when we can just share authentically and not filter it down and know that people will get it, yeah. It can be vulnerable to do that. It can be scary to do that. Absolutely. And I don't believe in sharing just for the sake of sharing. Like if it doesn't feel good, you know, a lot of people get mixed up with the vulnerability and they think that means showing up in their underwear or sharing something that is really deep and raw.

It's like, no, you know, share, some people can share from the wound and not the scar. I'm more of a share from the scar. I think that's the saying. 

Jordan: Yeah. Something 

Sarah: like that. Yeah. And so it's, it's knowing, because sometimes if you can, if you can tell that someone's vulnerability is a strategy that is super cringe 

Jordan: to me.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. I feel like I'm on the fence with this. Like, I, I feel like for some. I'm definitely like, wait until there's a little bit of a finer point on it until I share it. But other things I'm like, look, this is like the reality of what's happening here. You know? I feel like it kind of depends on what it is.

but yeah, I think it's, it's like you said, like some people are more authentic doing it one way or the other. It's just kind of figuring out 

Sarah: and like it's knowing, it's knowing yourself and what's true. 

Jordan: It's knowing yourself for sure. Yeah. Okay. What else do we wanna leave? Anyone else? Any, anything else for people around finding clients?

Sarah: I would, I would say the major thing is really just, it, it, it brings it all together, is being open to things you can't see. And taking aligned action. The aligned action is the strategy. It's the doing. Yeah. Yeah. But it's, it's both. It's the doing and the. and when you can find, I I, I talk about it as a dance.

When you can find that perfect dance of, okay, I'm gonna go do the things and then I'm gonna lean back and I'm gonna go be, and I'm gonna go trust and I'm gonna go surrender. It's the combination of all of it that makes business really fun. Yeah, 

Jordan: it's so true. I, I love this. And for anyone listening who's.

On the fence with woo stuff like I am, or maybe even less, less about it than I am. I really do think it's, it's important just because it can get you out of your head. It gets you out of your head, and it just is like, like you were talking about surrendering and we just recorded a podcast, recently, that's gonna be coming out on your podcast.

And yes, we talked about the C word control. Mm-hmm. and, and I think everyone can relate to. Wanting to hold tight all of the things in their business and the outcomes and the how, because it's comfortable. It's comfortable to like, feel like you're in control of things, but that's not really reality. and it can, it totally just stifles your growth.

I mean, I don't know. I, I'm probably more woo than I admit publicly, just because, like behind the scenes, I've never said this, I've never said this to anyone. probably other than my coach or my husband, and definitely haven't said it publicly, but I legit think that I'm magic . Like, yes, you are. I, I say that all of the time.

I'm like, well, if that's what I want, like that's what's gonna happen because mm-hmm. , I'm magic. And if I decide that, then that's where we're gonna go. So we need to make sure that that's what we really want, because like, we're probably gonna move again next year because I've decided what I want and where I wanna live.

Like that's gonna, the stars gonna happen, gonna line. That's just what's gonna happen. You know, like those are the types of things that you can bring into your business and you just see it 

Sarah: happen. And I, I don't think you have to be woo to believe that your energy carries weight. You know, all of us have evidence.

I even have evidence the other night I was really tired and I'm reading my son a book and he said, mommy, why is your voice. And he was all weirded out because my voice just wasn't the same light voice. Like even the way we speak, the energy that we have in every interaction is, is felt. You know, when someone walks into a room, your partner can walk in from a day of work and you know the day they had.

Yeah. That's energy. So if you don't, if, if you've seen that and you believe that, you can feel someone's energy, that's all you have to believe in, that your energy carries weight. Yeah, so true. And I think it's pretty fun. It's pretty fun to, to believe how, how powerful we really 

Jordan: are. Oh yeah. Totally.

Totally. And that people can, I mean, I don't know, I surely everyone listening is like on board with that. I mean, I can, my husband is not, he's not good at hiding, hiding his feelings, even if he tries. And I'm like, what are you upset about? He's like, I'm not upset. And I'm like, okay, well I can tell, I can literally.

You. Yeah. Like I can feel that you're upset about something. Like why don't you just tell me what it's 

Sarah: Exactly. Let's just get it out there so we can move past . 

Jordan: Yeah. So funny. well, I'm also gonna be doing an episode all about like my biggest pet peeves with sales calls because that is one place that I fee feel like, is just a super simple place to think about how you're showing up energetically in the way that you are, interacting with someone.

Anyway, I'm not gonna go down the rabbit hole, but, I'm very passionate about this, this whole mm-hmm. concept of sales calls and how to do them well, and how to definitely not do them. So we'll be, we'll be doing an episode about that too. Yeah. Speaking of energy, that's gonna be great. Yeah. Yeah. Love it.

Okay. well this was super. , we'll have your info in the show notes, all of the things. anything else you wanna leave us with? I mean, I think we've, we've gone pretty 

Sarah: deep on Yeah, I think we covered it a lot and I, I would say it's just an invitation to those who have been super masculine doers strategy to open yourself up to the abundance that is there that you can't even dream 

Jordan: of.

Yeah. Hmm. Love it. All right. Thank you. This was great. 

Sarah: Thank you so much, Jordan.